ddApps is a single person App Studio sweatshop based in the heart of the Big Apple - no, not the one in Cupertino but vibrant New York City.

The lead singer of this one man band is Dulio Denis, Cocoa Toucher extraordinaire, who single handedly designs and develops everything under the ddApps brand.

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Dulio Denis

iOS Apps

iOS Tutor iOS Tutor is a super convenient tool to enhance and test your knowledge of everything iOS. This beautiful, free app is the equivalent of carrying hundreds of the most up-to-date iOS 7 Flash Cards in your pocket, everyday.

Streak Streak is the easiest way to help you do something everyday. Simply set a desired streak and the app both reminds and keeps track of how many days you've been on your streak. Stay focused on your work - not tracking it. Streaks are an amazing motivational tool - don't break your streak!

Hipster Weather Hipster Weather is the simplest way to know how to dress. The Hipster Weather app is written in Swift and it tells you if you need your hat, scarf, an umbrella, a coat, a hoodie, or just a t-shirt and your skinny jeans.

iOS Games

SlappyMath Slappy Math is your daily brain exercise machine to grow your sharpness and intelligence. You have only 1 second to analyze the math equation and slap the right answer. Sound easy? Try it.

Slappy Words Slappy Words helps you grow your vocabulary and eloquence by exercising your brain with these SAT level word search puzzles. Simply swipe words as you find them as you try and beat your best time. The funnest way to learn hundreds of SAT level words.

Bricked Bricked is a fast action, flat, break-out inspired game with a dash of puzzler. Bricked starts out in game-noir but soon you'll be over the rainbow with colored bricks each with a special purpose, personality, and power.

WatchKit Apps

Tito Says Tito Says the classic electronic memory game, and one of the best selling games of the 1980s, is back - and on a Watch!