iOS Tutor

The easiest way to enhance and test your knowledge of iOS.

iOS Tutor is two apps in one.

Its a Flash Card App with hundreds of flash cards in your pocket and its also a quiz app to enhance your iOS knowledge.

The line of code that is the most elegant, has by far the least bugs, is the easiest to write, is the easiest for someone else reading your code to understand, that line of code - is the code you never write.

Check-In Daily

Rejuvenate your brain's accuracy, reliability and iOS development recall ability daily.

Increase Your Accuracy

Technical recall can be learned and accuracy improved.

You Are Not Alone

Performance increases in groups. See how you stack up against your friends and improve the team's overall performance.

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iOS Tutor is your daily Cocoa Touch exercise machine in your pocket to grow your iOS development vocabulary and intelligence.